Officer and Magisterial Chairman Duties

Below are the official duties of the elected Executive Committee members:

Magisterial District Chairman (7, one for each Magisterial District):

  • responsible for the activities of his Magisterial District, including precinct organizations, and appointment of precinct chairmen who reside within the precincts in his Magisterial District.
  • responsible for contacting new applicants who express an interest in joining the County
    Committee and complete and sign the membership form. The Magisterial District
    Chairman or designee shall determine if the applicant meets the qualifications for
    membership in Article IV, Section A and make a recommendation on electing
    them to membership.

The Vice Chairman – Precinct Organization:

  • responsible for the organization of all of the precincts in Hanover County. He shall see that a
    Precinct Chairman is appointed by the Magisterial District Chairman for each
    precinct, and he shall work with these Magisterial District Chairmen to see that
    the Precinct Chairmen are properly trained, instructed and supplied.
  • preside over the County Committee in the temporary absence or disability of the
    Chairman. In the event of the Chairman’s death, resignation, removal or inability
    to act, the Vice Chairman – Precinct Organization shall act as temporary
    chairman until a new Chairman is elected for the unexpired term and shall call a
    special meeting of the Executive Committee within 10 days to act on setting a
    date for the meeting of the County Committee to be held within 20 days of such
    Executive Committee meeting for the purpose of electing a new Chairman.

The Vice Chairman – Fundraising:

  • responsible for planning and executing fundraising activities as assigned by the Executive Committee.

The Recording Secretary:

  • responsible for taking minutes of all meetings of the County Committee and of the Executive Committee and keep them in his custody.
  • have available for reference at all meetings current copies of the County Committee Bylaws and the Party Plan.
  • deliver all official records in his custody to his successor within 10 days of the expiration of his term in office.

The Corresponding Secretary:

  • responsible for such correspondence as directed by the County Chairman and the Executive Committee.
  • responsible for mailing all meeting notices at the direction of the County Chairman or upon petition of one-third of the members of the County Committee and for stimulating attendance at those meetings as well as special functions.
  • keep on file all communications received and copies of all letters sent out.
  • keep an accurate list of the names, contact, and other information of all members. This membership list shall be available to publicly elected Republican officials, declared Republican candidates and their campaigns, and members of the Executive Committee. Other members may also receive this list at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
  • deliver all official records in his custody to his successor within 10 days of the expiration of his term of office.

The Treasurer:

  • responsible for the safekeeping and disbursement of all County Committee funds.
  • authorized to distribute funds under the following conditions:
    • a. In accordance with an annual budget approved by the County
      Committee at a regularly called meeting, provided adequate funds are
      on hand to meet any priority obligations as established by such budget;
    • b. By authority of the County Committee or Executive Committee at a
      duly called meeting, provided adequate funds to meet other obligations
      are clearly identified;
    • c. Upon the authority of the Chairman or a Vice Chairman, the
      Treasurer shall also have the authority to make expenditures up to a
      total of $300.00.
  • The Treasurer and the County Chairman are empowered to open a bank
    account in the name of the Hanover County Republican Committee, and each
    one is authorized to make deposits and withdrawals from such account.
  • present at each County Committee meeting a report covering the period since the preceding meeting; the Treasurer shall present an annual report to the County Committee at the end of the scheduled year.
  • keep proper records, which are open to inspection by any member of the County Committee at all reasonable times, and upon reasonable notice.
  • deliver all official records in his possession to his successor within 10 days of the expiration of this term.
  • be a member of the Finance Committee if one has been established by the Chairman.